S7 Beluga - How it's made

S7 Beluga - How it's made

Aug 26th 2019


The Beluga is one of Imperium Outfitters deigns that showcases how we use modern technology to push the envelope on lure design. This lure is a progression of the classic slant or plunger. Lures extremely effective for marlin, tuna, mahi, and even wahoo. Our design has a flared face with a single venturied vent that makes this lure dive much deeper and more aggressive. Then it comes up to the surface at a steep angle and explodes on the surface. The larger sizes of the S7 & S5 are very effective marlin lures, raising marlin to spread and enticing a bite when the fishing is slow. The smaller S3 & S2 sizes consistently produce numbers and quality on tuna and dolphin. Click over to the page to see for yourself!!

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